Limited Orthodontic Treatment

the goal of comprehensive orthodontic treatment is to establish an ideal bite, this type of treatment may not fit the unique goals you have for your smile. Many people consider the option of accepting their posterior bite and just straightening the front teeth so treatment can be completed as quickly as possible.

In our office, this type of treatment is called “limited treatment” and can be accomplished in less time than comprehensive treatment. Limited treatment for a better cosmetic appearance to the smile may also require some coordination with your general dentist for additional cosmetic dental procedures. There are many names of this limited treatment, however some caution should be taken when pursuing results or advertisements that appear too good to be true. Offices that offer limited treatment are often promising a level of care, speed and a result that may not be successfully achieved through limited treatment alone. It is important to know that only orthodontic specialists have two to three years of advanced training and are best prepared to handle your orthodontic related needs.

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