Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment can accomplish various goals depending on the patient’s needs and desired outcomes. Comprehensive orthodontic treatment is undertaken to achieve the goal of ideal alignment of all the teeth and jaws in good form and function. This treatment is typically undertaken in adolescents when the body is growing and can respond well to orthodontic therapy. As the name implies, comprehensive treatment may involve coordinated care from an oral surgeon, a periodontal or gum specialist, or your general dentist to establish an ideal bite and smile. Typical duration of comprehensive treatment is one to two years, depending on the complexity of the bite and goals desired. In our previous post we talked about the consultation appointment, check it out for more info about starting this process!

The goal of comprehensive orthodontic treatment is to correct the identified problem and restore the occlusion (the bite) to its optimal position. Treatment can begin while patients have primary teeth, when they have a mix of primary and permanent teeth, or when all permanent teeth are in.